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Male pattern baldness is hereditary, and it is caused by a male hormone called DHT. DHT production begins while male babies are still growing in their mothers' wombs. It is responsible for the deepening voice during puberty and for their facial hair growth, as well as many other male development milestones.

When men are done growing, after the age of twenty and before the age of forty five, hair loss can begin as a result of too much DHT. This hair loss is called male pattern balding. The only way to stop the hair loss from male pattern balding is to block the DHT from being produced.

One good option to block DHT and end hair loss is Procerin. With so many medications on the market, and many of them being recalled due to side effects, lots of people are hesitant to try any new product, even an all natural one such as Procerin. Here is what you can expect from Procerin:

Procerin side effects will be increased hair growth, along with an end to the hair loss you have been experiencing. For more information about Male Hair Loss Treatment and Procerin side effects, visit

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