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Finding a good hair loss product can be tough, especially when there is conflicting advice. Reading reviews may be a good way to find information, but are the reviews from people who have actually used the product or are they from people who haven't used it, but for some reason have something against the product?

The latter can happen, and there are many instances of it when it comes to reviews for natural products. There are a lot of people who want to give using all natural products such as supplements, vitamins, herbs, and essential oils a bad name, whether it be for personal reasons, or for the sake of provoking fear into people so they will be more likely to spend their money on medication.

Procerin negative reviews may be available to read, and while you should read the negative ones along with the positive reviews to make sure you get all the information you need to make a good decision, something else is important too. When you read Procerin negative reviews, or any reviews, be aware of who is writing them.

Look for personal use reviews. Don't take the advice of someone who hasn't tried Procerin just because they think it won't work. Since Procerin is an all natural product, it comes under attack. It isn't FDA approved because they don't approve supplements.

Procerin has a proven success rate of 80%, so there are men it didn't work for, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you. Procerin is formulated for men, so if you are reading a review by a woman, it will be negative because Procerin doesn't work for women.

Hair loss among women doesn't need a DHT blocker, because DHT is a male hormone.

Procerin negative reviews should be taken in context of who wrote them, and what the overall experiences are, not just that of one person. For more information about Male Hair Loss Treatment and Procerin positive and negative reviews, visit

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