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The desire to treat male pattern baldness can raise many questions, especially if you want to avoid the side effects medication can offer. Sexual side effects, allergic reactions, and interactions with other medication are possible with using prescription medication.

The answer may be to look for an all natural product that has no known side effects, such as Procerin. While there are no serious side effects, there may be a couple of complaints about Procerin:

Procerin complaints are few and far between. What you can expect with Procerin is an all natural DHT blocker. Blocking DHT, the male hormone that causes hair loss if there's too much of it being produced, is the only known way to end the hair loss in male pattern balding.

You can expect to receive wonderful customer service and a product guarantee. If you aren't satisfied, and you have used the product according to directions, you can get a full refund for ninety days after you purchased the product - no questions asked. You won't find that information in any Procerin complaints.

Procerin works well with other hair loss products. There will be no adverse interactions with other supplements or medications you are currently taking. Using Procerin XT Serum with Procerin vitamins for hair loss offers very good results.

Procerin complaints, though not serious, are answered if the proper channels are followed to make a complaint. Contacting the company will give you good results, and you'll get excellent follow up and communication.

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